Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Okay, so we are in the middle of our fourth month of living in Finland. Snow still covers the ground. Every SINGLE time we think the snow is finally starting to melt, we get MORE snow. It's been rough living in a snowy place. I don't know if I've fully embraced it yet. I rarely want to go outside, but I force myself.

A few weeks ago we visited Jyväskylä and stayed with a wonderful Finnish family. We were introduced to some true Finnish food. Around Easter time they come out with this dessert called Mämmi. I've been spotting in the freezer section at the store and basically thought it was a compilation of dog food and dirt uh, definitely not dessert. I've enclosed a picture. You take a scoop, add a little milk and about a teaspoon of sugar. It's actually okay, in small quantities. It's made with rye flour and rye malt. For those of you wondering what is tastes like, the internet describes it as this: its malty flavour somewhat resembles the Irish beers Guinness or Murphy's Irish Stout, being only slightly sweeter and thicker in consistency. Glad we got to try it!

We enjoyed having the team from Virginia Tech here last week. Jason got to spend most of the time with them, working with them on the outreach at the university. Delaney and I got to spend Friday with them sight seeing and EATING in Helsinki. We got to have a very TRADITIONAL Finnish dinner, reindeer and mashed potatoes. It was surprisingly very GOOD!
Every now and then I get glimpses of how beautiful it will be here in the summer, I long for those days. The Lord has been so good to us. I'll leave with this. As I was standing at the sink washing dishes tonight the song, Great is Thy Faithfulness came to my head, I sang. You all know the words but for some reason they meant so much more to me today. I was just reminded how the Lord is ALWAYS good, all I've needed, the Lord has always provided.

Great is thy faithfulness, great is thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have NEEDED, Thy hands have PROVIDED. Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!!


MiMi said...

You made me cry...that song comes to my mind all the time. He IS faithful! Love you! And by the way Mammi looks very strange...I'll just leave it at that!

Battle Maiden said...
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Battle Maiden said...

Cream Baby...Lots and Lots of Cream...!

hana said...

hi heather! glad to see your smiling face! and your hair is so short now! i remember you were that taught me what 'fantastic sams' was...hehe. blessings to you! lizku

Battle Maiden said...

Oh, and I awarded you something...if you have time.:)

Anonymous said...

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